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Ceramic Coating & Paint Correction Services


Ceramic Coatings

We know your vehicles deserve special treatment. Protect your finish and give it a deeper shine with our ceramic coating service. Eliminate the need to wax and keep your vehicle protected from the elements for years to come. Visit us in Clayton or Raleigh for all your auto detailing needs.

Paint Correction

Your car is an investment, and we want to make it last. We provide paint correction packages to ensure your car is protected from time and the elements.


Ceramic Wheel Coating

The coating chemically bonds with the wheel surface, creating a layer of protection. Once applied, Ceramic Coating will protect painted surfaces from dirt and debris, chemical etching, UV damage, and more. It also creates a hydrophobic surface, which makes the vehicle easier to clean.


Ceramic Glass Coating

Specially formulated nano ceramic coating is used only on glass. It helps provide a protective shield on top of the glass, which not only keeps the windows cleaner, with reduced glare and improved water sheeting but also improves UV protection.

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