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Types of Window Tint

Geoshield C2 Ceramic (Nano-Carbon plus Ceramic Technology) 


C2 Ceramic combines our proven carbon window film with nano ceramic technology to deliver outstanding heat rejection and a true black look. The exceptional performance and color is achieved by adding a ceramic layer to our carbon film. This new hybrid film is manufactured with the highest grade, weatherable polyester, and strong acrylic adhesive system. Carbon Plus offers excellent optical clarity, with almost no low angle haze.

  • Nano Carbon + Ceramic Technology

  • Improved Heat Rejection

  • High Optical Clarity

  • No signal interferences 

  • Blocks 88% of Harmful UV Rays

Select your vehicle size for pricing

2 Front Windows

Carbon Plus (Better)



Ceramic (Best) 


2 Door Car

Carbon Plus (Better)


Ceramic (Best)


4 Door Car

Carbon Plus (Better)


Ceramic (Best)


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